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    • 29 Dec

      Common Sense Business Communication Tips for Managers

      Poor workplace communication is the number one complaint of many employees and employers. Not only is it incredibly frustrating, it also affects productivity, lowers morale, increases the risk of workplace accidents, and generally throws a monkey wrench in your operation.  ...Read More

    • 27 Dec

      12 Principles of Personal Leadership: Principle #3-Maintaining Your Health

      Have you had a health "check-up" lately? What is your attitude about your health, and what does it have to do with personal leadership? Actually, what you think about your health reveals a lot about your leadership perspective. One area in which we can have enormous control over our health is how we manage our daily lifestyle. Click on the video below to learn more...  ...Read More

    • 20 Dec

      How Good Leaders Handle Mistakes

      Do you or others you work with suffer from “CYA” (cover your, well, you know…) syndrome? It happens to the best of us. Whether you are a work-from-home mom or the CEO of a large corporation, odds are you will make a mistake that results in hurt feelings, poor business decisions, or worse.  ...Read More

    • 02 Dec

      Understanding the Retired Worker

      Workers change from generation to generation. What do today's retired workers want and how does it compare to past workers?  A smart leader who understands the needs of retired workers can benefit from their skill level, strong work ethic, and experience. ...Read More