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    • 31 Jan

      Three Ways to Become a More Productive Person

      We live in a busy time.  Because of advances in technology and transportation, today it is possible to see and do more things in the course of a day than our ancestors could have ever dreamed of a century or two ago.  While modern innovations have made many things easier to do, they have not necessarily lessened the amount of stress we experience in our lives because obligations and challenges seem to come at us more quickly than ever.  ...Read More

    • 27 Jan

      A Time Management Checklist for Personal Leaders

      Good time management skills are essential to your goal achievement both personally and professionally. After all, how many great historical leaders wandered through life without the ability to prioritize and execute tasks? Without the time management skills to prioritize, organize, and tackle the things that are most important to you and even the not-so-pleasant things that must be done (think tax season), you are floating up life’s creek with no paddles.  ...Read More

    • 20 Jan

      6 Reasons People Don’t Do What They Are Asked

      There are six reasons why people don’t do the things they are asked to do (or know they should do). Some of the reasons may be their own personal weakness like a lack of motivation. However, more often than not the real problem lies in the manager or organization. Click on the video below to learn more from Medina Business Consultant, Greg L. Thomas...  ...Read More

    • 17 Jan

      12 Principles of Personal Leadership: Principle 5- Utilizing Your Resources

      Have you heard this story? A box truck was trying to pass under a large bridge, but got stuck in the process. The driver tried to put the truck in reverse and back out, but it wouldn’t budge. Traffic began to back up and emergency personnel and city officials came to the scene. Measurements were taken and discussions began as to how the truck could be removed without damaging the bridge.  ...Read More

    • 09 Jan

      How to Avoid Common Pitfalls to Achieving Personal Goals

      As 2017 begins, many well-meaning people set goals, or resolutions, that they plan to work towards throughout the coming year and beyond. Yet only a tiny fraction of them stick with their goals. Why is that? It is one thing to set a personal goal, and another entirely to achieve it. Here are two very common mistakes people make that can lead to frustration and failure and how they can easily be avoided.  ...Read More