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    • 28 Nov

      Six Major Benefits of Developing Time Management Skills

      How well do you manage your time? Do you often feel rushed or stressed? Does your breakfast consist of whatever bakery item is in the vending machine when you get to work? Does your home or desk look like a candidate for a Hoarders episode? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, it might be time for a change!  ...Read More

    • 16 Nov

      12 Principles of Personal Leadership: Principle 10 - Know Yourself

      What Kind of Leader Are You? Inside each of us lies the potential for good and evil. This is evident when you look at various leaders throughout history. Some have displayed incredible evil, allowing their greed and/or disdain for groups of people or nations to cause harm to millions. Many of these ruthless “leaders” didn’t even think twice about harming their own people in order to get what they wanted. Conversely, the world has seen many wonderful, caring leaders who have fought hard and sacrificed themselves to improve the lives of the group of people or nation that they cared so much about. ...Read More

    • 06 Nov

      Where Leadership Begins

      Leaders are goal-oriented people.  As such, they have high expectations for themselves and turn their attention to the world around them in anticipation of tackling tough tasks that will allow them to achieve the goals they have set.  They often focus on taking their associates, employees, or organizations to new heights, but they often fail to consider how well they are leading what should be the most important group of people in their lives: their families.  To be an effective leader outside the home, it is important to first be an effective leader inside the home.  ...Read More