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    • 27 Feb

      Being a Leader AND a Coach

      While the autocratic leadership style of the past is effective in emergency or crisis situations, it is not a good way to handle day-to-day management. Today's leader is also a coach who trains and motivates others to reach their full potential. Listen to some valuable leadership tips on how you can be a great leader and Cleveland Life Coach in our podcast:  ...Read More

    • 27 Feb

      Vision: The Difference Between a Leader and a Manager

      Vision: The Difference Between a Leader and a Manager One of the most important leadership qualities that separates a leader from a manager is the ability to establish and articulate a vision. Having a clear and positive vision is essential to any organization or personal leader. This vision should be clear, positive, attainable, and well articulated. How can a leader provide this type of visionary message? Find out by listening to our podcast. ...Read More

    • 07 Feb

      How To Avoid Becoming a Workaholic

      In today’s slowly recovering economy, we are all feeling the strain in one way or another. It seems that many businesses and families have tightened their belts at least a notch or two. In many instances, a smaller workforce is asked to produce more with less. It is tempting to feel the need to work more hours, sacrificing a balanced work/life approach for better financial stability. But is it really worth it?  ...Read More