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    • 25 May

      The 12 Principles of Personal Leadership: Principle 6—Dealing with Disappointments

      We come from diverse cultures and backgrounds, yet there is a universal experience that we all have to face in life…disappointment and discouragement. If we aren’t careful, this can become a vicious cycle. A negative event occurs and we become discouraged, it affects the quality of our decision-making, we become frustrated, the stress begins to take a toll on our attitude, we become gloomy and start to focus on the negative aspects of every situation, we become more discouraged, and the cycle continues. When you produce positive results, you will feel good about yourself.  Sadly, the reverse is also true.  ...Read More

    • 19 May

      When the Biggest Risk Is Not Taking One at All

      Lou Gehrig, nicknamed the “Iron Horse” because of his batting ability and his continuity as first baseman for the New York Yankees, was a gentle, reserved man. On a hot summer day in 1930, Gehrig did something quite uncharacteristic. He stood at the plate, swung and missed for two strikes, and then watched the third pitch whiz by without even twitching. As the umpire called, “strike three…you’re out!” Lou Gehrig was seen throwing his bat to the ground and exchanging words with the ump.  ...Read More

    • 11 May

      What Is Personal Leadership and Why Does It Matter?

      Personal leadership is the ability to develop and utilize your positive leadership traits to guide the direction of your life instead of letting time and chance determine your course. Personal leadership can begin when you decide to be your own life coach and live by a personal mission statement that reflects your values and life goals.  ...Read More