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    • 21 Sep

      Why Is Transformational Leadership So Effective?

      Transformational leadership is a leadership style in which the leader takes on a positive, mentoring role in have positive and lasting motivational effect on followers. Learn four behaviors associated with transformational leadership and why it is so important.  ...Read More

    • 26 Aug

      What Coworkers REALLY Want

      Recent surveys indicate that when asked, most employers and senior level managers think that what employees really want to be content include such things as prestige, increased pay, recognition, advancement, or increased responsibility. However, when employees and coworkers were asked the same question, they said what they really wanted was to be appreciated. ...Read More

    • 18 Aug

      Five Ways Leaders can Promote Team Building

      In our increasingly complex society, teamwork is more important than ever before. However, due to the diverse nature of the workplace, it is harder than ever to get employees to work as a cohesive team. Here are five leadership tips for promoting team building in your organization.  ...Read More

    • 16 Aug

      Leadership and Time Management Tips (Part 2)

      This is the second part of a two-part series on Leadership and Time Management. In this five minute podcast, you can learn how to declutter your workspace and organize your time and your life more effectively. Effective personal and organization depends in part on your ability to prioritize, organize, and get things done.  ...Read More

    • 05 Aug

      Leadership and Time Management Tips (Part 1)

      In this podcast, Greg L. Thomas offers tips to help you analyze the time you spend on various activities/tasks throughout the week and offers simple steps you can take to prioritize work for better productivity. Learn more about these helpful time management tips.  ...Read More

    • 05 Jul

      How To Decrease Your Stress Level

      Stress can have devastating effects on the body. Long hours, constant multitasking, and personal sacrifices can take their toll on us and cause burn out and chronic health problems. In this short leadership podcast, learn 5 steps you can take to manage your stress level.  ...Read More

    • 09 May

      Playfulness in the Workplace

      Many leaders are discovering something that was once taboo in the workplace ... laughter and playfulness. A good leader knows how to season the workplace with lighthearted humor and joy. Southwest Airlines is famous for this type of work environment.  ...Read More

    • 10 Apr

      How To Increase Job Satisfaction: Understanding the 5 Basic Needs of Employees

      Good leaders recognize that people come from a variety of backgrounds and are looking for different things from an employer. Whether it’s affiliation, independence, or anything in between, it’s important to take the time to understand the unique needs of each employee in order to meet those needs. Happy employees equal a happy and productive workforce.  ...Read More

    • 03 Nov

      Four Tips to Encourage Flexibility and Innovation Within Your Organization

      In our modern society, the marketplace is changing at an ever-increasing rate, and the ability to be flexible and innovative is key to the survival of most organizations. What can you do as a business owner or leader to ensure that your organization is a “learning organization” that values learning and has the ability to change and adapt to remain relevant and successful? Find out in our latest podcast:  ...Read More