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    • 03 Jul

      Four Tips to Encourage Flexibility and Innovation Within Your Organization

      In our modern society, the marketplace is changing at an ever-increasing rate, and the ability to be flexible and innovative is key to the survival of most organizations. What can you do as a business owner or leader to ensure that your organization is a “learning organization” that values learning and has the ability to change and adapt to remain relevant and successful? Find out in our latest podcast:  ...Read More

    • 01 Dec

      Why Many Leadership Development Programs Fail

      Google “leadership training” and you will find endless search results for companies claiming that they will take you or your management team to new heights! Sounds great, but do they really develop personal leadership skills? Many do not. Leaders are not puppies and should not be “trained.” Instead, the focus should be on professional or personal leadership development that will give them the leadership skills, critical thinking skills, and malleability to lead through any situation that may come their way.  ...Read More

    • 01 Dec

      Can Money Buy Happiness? Learn the Keys to True Fulfillment

      A common myth in our society is that happiness is directly linked to affluence. It has been said that "money can't buy happiness, but it makes a great down payment!" The truth is that even when people experience an increase in income, they quickly adapt to it and want more. This is referred to as "hedonistic adaptation."  ...Read More

    • 12 Jun

      Displaying Leadership in Times of Crisis

      Last Thursday, a gunman entered a building on the campus of Seattle Pacific University and opened fire, killing one student and injuring two others.  The June 5 shooting at the small, private Christian university was one of a spate of school shootings that the nation has witnessed over the last couple weeks, but the outcome in this instance provides us with a shining example of courage and heroism from which we can draw lessons. ...Read More

    • 30 Apr

      What’s the Payoff? - Why Amazon and Zappos Got It Right

      Business owners face many challenges, and among the many challenges they face is creating a productive and pleasant work environment.  Are your employees happy and committed to their jobs?  How do you know?  Are they really going to be honest with the boss if they are simply asked?  These are difficult questions to answer, but some companies may have found an unusual and effective way to answer them: Periodically offer to pay employees to quit.    ...Read More