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 Communication Skills Training in the Workplace

Leadership Excellence, Ltd is a leader in effective communication skills training for Cleveland-area organizations. Communication Training Cleveland - Workplace Communication Program We will dramatically improve and enrich your level of communication skills. Our six week Effective Communication® program will help individuals, managers and their teams:

  • Speak more clearly with persuasive public presentations and mature interpersonal skills.

  • Learn proper e-mail etiquette, and write memos that get noticed.

  • Understand body language and practice active listening skills.

  • Learn how to be authentic and to respectfully disagree 

  • What to avoid saying and putting in writing.

  • Recognize the pitfalls of poor language skills in contrast to effective communication skills.

  • Appreciate that attitude is everything; Learn the constructive approach to achieve excellent communication skills for business.

  • Plan meetings or events effectively with a practical agenda that actually gets things done and problems solved.

  • How to overcome common barriers to improve communication skills.

  • Thrive in the digital age; Traditional meetings, web conferencing and communicating with remote or home office workers

Click the link below to find out more about our  Effective Communication® Program for organizations in Cleveland and surrounding areas:

Effective Communication Development Program Effective Communication Development Program (209 KB)

To request a quote or learn more about our Effective Communication® skills training online or in person in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, click the button below. Not sure what program fits your specific needs? Sign up for a complimentary 15-minute consultation with our communication skills coach, Greg L. Thomas. Greg has decades of experience not only in the business world, but as a public speaker for hundreds of audiences worldwide.