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    • 26 Apr

      How to Be More Productive While Sheltering in Place

      The United States of America (like much of the rest of the world) is currently experiencing a rather unique event in its history: the voluntary shutdown of most of society to combat an infectious disease. Businesses have closed, institutions have shut down, and millions of people have either voluntarily stopped going to work or lost their jobs as a result of the collective effort to curb the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus. As some states, localities, and organizations have begun the process of opening back up, a debate is raging about what should be done moving forward.  ...Read More

    • 08 Apr

      Tips for Leading in a Time of Crisis

      This is a time of crisis. The novel coronavirus pandemic that is gripping much of the world and wreaking havoc on economies across the globe has at least temporarily caused people in many nations to change the way they live. Many have changed personal habits and daily routines out of fear of contracting or spreading COVID-19. Others have lost jobs, businesses, or sources of income because of government regulations or changes in public behavior designed to slow the spread of the virus. A majority of people in multiple countries have had their lives altered in one way or another, and citizens are concerned about the long-term effects the battle against this disease will bring. ...Read More