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    • 20 Oct

      7 Tips for Leading Part-Time Workers

      In today’s economy we are seeing more and more companies creating part-time positions. Part-time workers are often given lower level work and can feel like outsiders. Limited opportunity for advancement for part-timers can result in lower levels of productivity and lack of motivation to excel. How can you as a leader combat this? Here are seven tips to help you develop and motivate part-time workers to reach their greatest potential.  ...Read More

    • 05 Jun

      How to Properly Use Authority

      Misusing power is a surefire way to alienate others and stunt the growth potential of individuals and organizations. With authority comes both power and responsibility-find out how to use your authority to effectively lead others... ...Read More

    • 03 Mar

      Are You Discouraged with Your Career?

      Are you becoming discouraged with your career? This is perfectly normal, and, for most people the feeling will pass. But when it doesn't, there are some steps you can take to stir up the excitement you once had...  ...Read More

    • 27 Feb

      Being a Leader AND a Coach

      While the autocratic leadership style of the past is effective in emergency or crisis situations, it is not a good way to handle day-to-day management. Today's leader is also a coach who trains and motivates others to reach their full potential. Listen to some valuable leadership tips on how you can be a great leader and Cleveland Life Coach in our podcast:  ...Read More

    • 02 Dec

      Understanding the Retired Worker

      Workers change from generation to generation. What do today's retired workers want and how does it compare to past workers?  A smart leader who understands the needs of retired workers can benefit from their skill level, strong work ethic, and experience. ...Read More

    • 04 Nov

      5 Keys to Gaining Sincere Commitment from Your Team Members

      In order to reach goals and achieve big things, effective leadership includes getting your team members to have an emotional commitment to that goal. Learn five keys to cultivate sincere commitment from your team members and the personal leadership skills that can help you get there.  ...Read More

    • 27 Oct

      Vision: The Difference Between a Leader and a Manager

      One of the most important leadership qualities that separates a leader from a manager is the ability to establish and articulate a vision. Having a clear and positive vision is essential to any organization or personal leader. This vision should be clear, positive, attainable, and well articulated. How can a leader provide this type of visionary message? Find out by listening to our podcast. ...Read More

    • 11 Oct

      Essential Qualities of a Value-Based Leader

      Organizational values are the foundation of an organization's culture. As a leader, are your values contingent on your immediate need or circumstance or are they steady and non-negotiable? Find out essential qualities of a value-based leader in our latest podcast.  ...Read More

    • 27 Sep

      Good Leadership Requires Trust

      Trust is the key to effective leadership. Where there is an absence of trust, leadership is replaced by autocratic power. A good leader will work to build trust and consistently rebuild trust within his or her team.  Check out our leadership podcast below to learn 5 keys to earning the trust of those around you.  ...Read More